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Membership and Contact Information



Membership of OWWSA brings the following benefits:

Discounted coach travel to away matches - Non-Members will pay £5 more than the adult fare (no further discounts)

Your views heard by the WWFC Board of Directors

Events, Forums, Quiz Nights, Social Nights

Up to 50% discount off spare match-day executive boxes

Vote for your OWWSA Player of the Season

The OWWSA Committee is actively looking at other potential membership benefits, especially for those supporters who are unable to travel to away matches.

Membership Fees 2017/2018:

Membership Fees: £12 Click here for a Membership Form

Constitution: Click here for the OWWSA Constitution




Our Insurers had withdrawn their offer to cover us with travel insurance. We have contacted many brokers and insurance companies who have been unable to give us a quotation that, pricewise can compete with the cover we previously enjoyed.

We have therefore decided at a recent emergency committee meeting to put the following in place.


The money that we would have paid to our insurance company for our annual cover will be set aside. Each coach fare paid by you includes a small contribution to insurance, and therefore this will be added to the amount put aside. If a game is called off once the coach has left Aylesbury, and therefore the coach has to be paid for, there will still be funds to refund your fare to you. So in actual fact, you are covered financially just as you were before.

We hope this meets with your approval, and lets hope that not to many games get postponed in the future.


Please note this only applies to Members, non members would not be covered.



CHAIRMAN John Derben

01494 441145


TREASURER Keith Blagbrough


SECRETARY Lynden Finch


MEMBERSHIPS Graham Roberts

07876 267301

Please supply Graham with any changes to your e-mail address as this will save us money on postage.


COACHES Rena Frontalski & Graham Roberts

01494 520179 or Graham 07876 267301

The preferred way to book a place on the coach is in the Calendonian Suite on a Saturday Home Game.

But if you want to book by phone or e-mail then do so by Thursday at 17:00 for a Saturday game, and Sunday at 17:00 for a Tuesday game. After these times we cannot guarantee a seat on the coach.


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