CHAIRMAN Keith Blagbrough

TREASURER Michelle Phillips

SECRETARY Lynden Finch

SOCIAL & FUND RAISING Sue McCloud, Louise Stone & Graham Roberts

MEMBERSHIPS Graham Roberts
07876 267301
Please supply Graham with any changes to your e-mail address as this will save us money on postage.

COACHES Rena Frontalski & Graham Roberts
The preferred way to book a place on the coach is in the Caledonian Suite on a Saturday Home Game.

But if you want to book by phone or e-mail then do so by Thursday at 17:00 for a Saturday game, and Sunday at 17:00 for a Tuesday game. We will try and accommodate everyone who books this way, until the coach is full.

Non members are required to pay at the time of booking their seat, and therefore must not book by email.

If you are booking by e-mail please use , please make sure you receive an acknowledgement from Rena regarding your booking. If you do not receive one within a couple of days, then please phone Rena or Graham

Rena :- 01494 520179
Graham:- 07876 267301 – Do not text to this number as they will not be replied to

WEB SITE Steve Phelps