Changes to coach bookings

It would be very helpful if people could renew their OWWSA membership before the first home game. This is due to the way we now have to run coaches, as detailed below.

Due to restrictions on movement up and down the coach aisles it will not be possible to take payment on the day of travel.

Also due to Rena’s irregular working hours there will also no longer be any telephone bookings for the foreseeable future.

All bookings will have to be made at Adams Park before home matches. We will try to make it possible to book for two or three matches at the same time, so anyone not attending a particular home game still has the opportunity for future matches. Obviously, it means all bookings have to be paid for in advance.

Currently we are asking people to wear masks when travelling on the coaches.

There is also a probability that, depending on numbers, there may not be a coach to all midweek away matches (they all appear to the longest ones this season!)


Official Wycombe Wanderers Supporters Association
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